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IMA meetings give students the opportunity to network with employers and also participate in technical workshops to improve various skillsets. Tuesday meetings are typically reserved for company recruitment and networking. Wednesday meetings are typically reserved for technical workshops and hands-on experience in the Gladstein Lab.

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Being a member of IMA is the first step in securing a job in the IT field upon graduation.

IMA membership will not only give you a wealth of information relevant to the IT industry today, but it will provide you with invaluable networking and professional development opportunities.

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Upcoming Meetings

Name Date Location Room Time
OPIM Innovate DemoMarch 9, 2021N/AWebEx7:00PM EST
Class Registration MeetingMarch 16, 2021N/AWebEx7:00PM EST
IT Security with Kevin BrownMarch 23, 2021N/AWebEx7:00PM EST
Salary Negotiation WorkshopMarch 30, 2021N/AWebEx7:00PM EST
The HartfordApril 16, 2021N/AWebEx7:00PM EST